Back to childhood with Den Da Coffee

Back to childhood with Den Da Coffee

By Minh Tuan

The “Childhood School Gate” photo booth at a Den Da store – PHOTO: MINH TUAN

HCMC – To celebrate its fifth birthday, the Den Da Coffee chain is offering a number of promotions inspired by the childhood school days of millennials.

Particularly, the chain has launched a new menu that uses millennials’ favorite snacks when they were primary or high school students. Those include tea mixed with xi muoi Hoa Mai (a kind of snack made from salted dry apricot) and che troi nuoc (rice balls sweet soup) mixed with instant noodle.

Guests coming to Den Da stores are invited to take part in the “Childhood School Gate” photo challenge. Thirty guests with the best photos will each receive a gift set worth VND700,000.

In addition, Den Da is holding a series of “Vpop World 2005” music shows at some of its stores and offering special combos and discounts until the end of November.

Established in 2014 by Tuan Truong, Den Da is a coffee-dessert-tea concept shop that aims to bring back the vibe of Saigon life in the 90s. Therefore, every Den Da store is built with the retro concept generated from the image of the old Saigon.

The name “Den Da” itself is literally translated “iced coffee” in Vietnamese. To offer the original taste of Vietnamese coffee to customers, Den Da’s coffee beans are harvested directly from farms on highlands, with the unique grinding and brewing process.

Besides coffee and tea, Den Da is known as one of the most popular dessert-toast spots in town. It also serves milk tea. The brand now has seven stores across HCMC and a franchised store in the U.S.

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