Vingroup starts construction of VinUni in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s real estate giant Vingroupstarted the construction of VinUni University in Hanoi on November 14.

VinUni campus covers 23 hectares in the mega-urban complexof VinCity Ocean Park in Gia Lam District, Hanoi. The project consists of theMain Campus Building, Dormitory, Sport Complex, Stadium, and Technical and Ancillary Area.


VinUni will be one of the best international universities,where students will have a chance to experience the most advanced and latesteducational technology, facilities and laboratories

The work is designed by reputable architects frommulti-national groups of AECOM and HBA, and verified by strategic partnersCornell University (Cornell) and the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).


VinUni is designed by well-known architects frommultinational groups

Its architecture is the harmony of neo-classic façade withmodern and high-tech interior design. Lecturers and students will findthemselves in the midst of “the Castle of Knowledge” equipped with modernlecture halls, and classrooms designed for most advanced teaching and learningmethods. All the infrastructure and facilities meet the QS 5-star standards bythe world leading accrediting organization of Quacquarelli Symonds. All thelandscape and interior design will deliver the optimal learner-centeredenvironment.


Vingroup Vice President and Managing Director of VinUni LeMai Lan gives a speech at the groundbreaking ceremonry of VinUni

Inspired by the “Wing of Knowledge,” the main building isdesigned with 10 floors and the tower with the total height of 108m. Thearchitectural mass fused with the landscape symbolizes high-fly wings andcreate stunning reflection from the lake at the Central Square.

The entire lecture halls and classrooms designed with highflexibility and interaction; cutting edge technologies are in place to enablemost advanced teaching methods at VinUni such as team-based learning (TBL),project-based learning (PBL), action-based learning (ABL), and simulation-basedlearning…

The dormitory with the total floor area of 10,600m2 isequipped with canteen, clinic room, self-learning area, convenience stores andother relaxation areas for students.

Deputy Minister ofEducation and Training Le Hai An said that the ministry will support and createfavorable conditions for VinUni to achieve its vision and mission.

The sport complex including sport house, stadium and otherareas for outdoor sports are designed to create difference. The sport housewith the total area of nearly 4,400m2 accommodates indoor swimming pool,football field, gymnastics as well as multi-purpose sport complex.

VinUni campus is characterized by very low building densitywith large area designed for landscape garden. The design together with speciallearning spaces make Vinuni a Green University where student can learn anytime.

“VinUni has been established on the highest internationalstandards for a university. Students will be given the opportunities to learnfrom professors, scientists coming from the world leading universities,research institutes, and healthcare systems. At VinUni, students are exposed tothe state-of-the-art educational technologies, and labs. We strongly believe inthe VinUni-made breakthrough in higher education quality in Vietnam and aimstowards a world class university,” said Vingroup Vice Chairwoman Le Mai Lan.


Delegates start the construction of VinUni in Gia LamDistrict, Hanoi on November 14

VinUni expects to become a “University City”, the “one-stop”(all in one) destination for lecturers and students. Students to the universitynot just to learn at the lecture halls, but to live, to socialize, to discussstart-up ideas, to implement research projects, and to play sports, toentertain, to relax, and to become an active and life-long learner.

VinUni University is a Vietnamese private, not-for-profit universityestablished by Vingroup based on international standards. The university focusesto develops three flagship tracks: Business, Engineering and Technology, andHealth-Sciences. The mission of VinUni is to grow elite human resources, whoare knowledgeable, skillful, and passionate to contribute to the prosperity ofself and the society, thus creating positive impacts to the global knowledge-basedeconomy.

Thanh Van