Lost in the Mango Garden

Coming to the Mango Ecological Tourism area in Dong Anh district, Hanoi you will be immersed in the green and poetic space, away from the hectic urban life.

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Mango Garden Ecotourism Resort is about 20 km from the capital city center. The whole area of more than 2.3 hectares here embraces the features of the village of North Vietnam and a few touches of South Vietnam gardens.

Our impression of this ecotourism area is the peaceful space, the green color of fruit trees and dozens of tents with different sizes next to lotus ponds.

As soon as you reach the mango garden, you will be immersed in ‘3N’ space – Not dirty, Not sad, Not bothered, the objectives the owner of this resort is heading to.

Walking on the yard paved with red brick, you will enjoy the beauty of sunbeam lightly shine and scent the mango trees around the garden.

Exploring the southern garden with the bridge across the small canal, where the turkeys and geese wander, is also fun for many people. And, the biggest plus of this resort is the rustic nature of the countryside, bringing nature close to the people, rather than a restaurant in the business districts.

A cup of home wine, a cup of cold water on the porch or fishing are enough to remind many people the memories of childhood. The shady trees and water fountains will give you a cool feeling, even in the hot summer days.

In addition to the scent of the mango, this place also attracts guests by various entertainment services such as camping, billiards, football, karaoke, film studio, wedding photos, etc.

After fishing and exploring the garden, visitors can ask the restaurant to prepare the meals with things from the lake for lunch.

Or they could enjoy countryside dishes elaborately processed. Among them is the delicious mango salad dish.

Owning fresh nature, reasonable price, and convenient transportation, more and more visitors come to Mango Garden Resort to relax at the weekend.