​Hanoi students accuse rappers of burning their textbooks in filming of music video

Hanoi students accuse rappers of burning their textbooks in filming of music video
A screenshot, where a rapper was burning textbooks, is captured from Locoboiz’s music video.

Hanoi administrators have tasked the city’s education authorities with investigating claims by local high school students that a rap collective set their textbooks on fire while filming a music video in their classroom.

A class of tenth graders at the Hanoi – Amsterdam High School have taken to the Internet to accuse Locoboiz, a local rap group, of breaking into their classroom to film a music video and destroying their textbooks in the process.

The students said their textbooks went missing after Locoboiz finished their shoot on February 24, and seem to have reappeared on YouTube in the group’s music video.

The only problem is that the textbooks in the video were set on fire.

Locoboiz took to Facebook on March 10 to deliver what the students have called an “insincere apology” via a live-streamed session.

“I also want to send an apology [to the students] for burning your studying materials as if they were joss papers,” a Locoboiz member said in the apology video.

“I just wanted to help you release stress from studying.”

Joss papers are paper gifts traditionally burned as offerings to the dead.

The apology angered not only the Hanoi – Amsterdam students but also the online community, who accused the group of being insensitive to their country’s traditions.

The Hanoi administration has asked the municipal education department to clarify the issue, review the responsibilities of those involved, and submit a report on the case by March 20.

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