Nine-story lotus tower in Giam pagoda

Cuu Pham Lien Hoa (nine-story lotus tower) is a centuries-old wooden tower at Giam Pagoda in Hai Duong province. It is a valuable Buddhist work of art showing Vietnam’s art of ancient wood carving.

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The nine-story lotus tower is in the Pham house

The tower is 4.44 meters high

The 90m2 Pham house has a statue of Buddha and a nine-story lotus tower

One of six sides of the Cuu Pham Lien Hoa tower

The base of a dragon-shaped carved column of the tower

The golden bamboo carved column of the tower

The lotus petals of the tower are carved with sophisticated patterns

The wooden tower has six symmetrical sides

With an estimated weight of about four tons, the tower can still spin with a light touch of a hand

The people from Cam Son commune make offerings in front of the tower during full moon day

There are 18 Buddhist statues placed on each story of the tower